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Payam Island is one of the most popular island

and situated in the South-West area of Thailand (North Andaman sea) near the Myanmar territorial water.

Ranong Map

The size of Payam island is approximately 33 square kilometers.

The island is one of plentiful natural resources place in the North Andaman sea.

There are 2 main beaches on the island. One is situated on Aow Yhai (Big Bay) and another is situated on Aow Khao Kwai (Buffalo Horn Bay). Other small beaches also situate around the island including Aow Mae Mhay, Aow Mook, Aow Hin Khow etc.

The longest beach is on Aow Yhai and there is one biggest area of coral reefs around Lhaem Lhang (Cape name) at the end of Aow Yhai beach. The most beautiful white sand beach is on Aow Khao Kwai where most of the tourists love to stay and hang out.

Most of the road are constructed on the island by local workers and they are quite narrow and only suitable for Motorbike and Bicycle. The most efficient transportation on the island is Motorbike and tourists can rent the motorbike from many rental shops near the pier (the place for docking the boat at Payam island). In the past, people who live on the island grow the cashews (Kayoo) and do fishery as their main career.

The cashew nuts used to be very famous product in the southern region. Since people get to know more about the island, number of tourist is growing up every year. People here start to enter into tourism business by opening the bungalow resort while the cashews is getting older and older. Some of people start to grow more rubber trees instead due to the government policy.

Many wild boars and hornbill birds lived on the island for long time but it is quite rarely you can see them now as a consequence from the changing of environment after the booming period of tourism sector.

There is one remarkable Buddhist temple on the island where the abbey is situated in the sea and you can see it when the boat is approaching to the pier at Payam island for docking.

The symbol has expressed how kindness local people are as you can feel when you visit here.

Payam Island

BAAN SUAN KAYOO "The vacation residence for Nature Nature Nature Lovers"

We start to operate our first Baan Suan Kayoo since 2003 on Aow Yhai in the area near Lhaem Lhang. Our Ancestor lives here for more than 50 years mainly growing cashews and many kinds of vegetables in the beginning.

Not many people know about this island in those days as it was very difficult to come here.

There was sufficient for the pioneer people to live on the island because the natural resources can easily serve small number of people at the time.


When we were thinking to build this place, we really aim to make this place as one of the best eco-tourism place on the island and we intend to conserve the old way of sufficiency living concept by maintaining our old cashews and other trees in the area and try to make the places harmonize to the nature as much as possible.

Baan Suan Kayoo 1

Baan Suan Kayoo 1 is recently one of the most popular place for tourists who love to have their own private area on the island to stay. With longest beach on Aow Yhai, tourists who choose to stay here can enjoy their time comfortably. The sun set view at Aow Yhai is one of the remarkable scenery that will make your day here to have a good memorial time in Payam island. Aow Yhai is the area where you can easily access to variety of outdoor activities in the day time. We will make sure that we will make your day here unforgettable.

Baan Suan Kayoo 2

Baan Suan Kayoo 2 was begun fully operation in 2012 and the place is our pride and delight to introduce to everyone. We intend to serve tourists who want to enjoy their vacation days here with the stunning view and the white sand beach situated in front. We also maintain our principal on sufficient way of living as similar as Baan Suan Kayoo 1. You can spend your day to swim, sunbathe on white sand beach and hang out in our place and nearby area. The hornbill birds always come to welcome our customers at this place almost every day. We truly believe this place will make your day so special and fulfill your vacation days perfectly.

Baan Suan Kayoo 2: Ao Khao Kwai (Buffalo Bay)

There is a beachfront restaurant. And hornbills can be found many in Ao Khao Kwai. The great location to see hornbills in Baan Suan Kayoo 2 Ao Khao Kwai.

Payam Island Map

Stay in Nature Stay with Us - Baan Suan Kayoo

Reservation Please contact

  • Phone: (66) 096-258-8852, 085-655-4906, 081-157-2605, 081-761-2561, 091-561-2100, 080-691-2676

Place and Price

There are many types of residence available in both places and we offer customers the most affordable price with high attention on our service to meet customer satisfaction. The residence rate is starting from THB350 to THB1,300 a night depend on the residence type and occupancy rate at the time.

*Minimum Price Baan Suan Kayoo 1: starting from THB350 to THB800*
*Minimum Price Baan Suan Kayoo 2: starting from THB500 to THB1,300*

Maximum occupancy Room Types
2 People Bungalow has sea view with stand-up fan.
1 Double Bed
2 People Bungalow has garden view and sea view.
1 Double Bed
2 People Bungalow has garden view and sea view with stand-up fan.
1 Double Bed
3-4 People Family Bungalow has sea view with stand-up fan.
1 Double Bed and 1 Extra bed

Operational period

We start to operate both places during November to May in each year and we will close our service during Monsoon season during June to October in each year.

Stay in Nature Stay with Us - Baan Suan Kayoo

Baan Suan Kayoo - The vacation residence for Nature Lovers

Stay in Nature Stay with Us - Baan Suan Kayoo

Baan Suan Kayoo

Baan Suan Kayoo - The vacation residence for Nature Lovers

How to get here?

From Bangkok, you can travel to Ranong province via your own car, air conditional bus, train or airplane.

You can easily come to Ranong by your own car or public and private bus from the main southern bus station on Barom-rachachonnanee road in Bangkok and the contact number will be available under the important information below. The other easy way you can come to Ranong by train from Hua Lampong station in Bangkok. You have to get off the train at Chumporn and take one more step by taking the van or bus from Chumporn to Ranong.

Apart from overland transportation, you also can get the flight from Airasia or Nokair from Donmaung airport to Ranong directly but you need to check the service is available or not at the time you make your plan.

Once you arrive at Ranong, you can take local truck taxi to the public pier in PAK NAM area. You can ask the local truck taxi driver to send you to the pier for Payam and Chang islands. There is only one pier in Ranong to go these islands. It will take not more than 2 hours from the pier to Payam island by normal boat service and not more than 30 minutes by speed boat.

When the boat arrive at the pier of Payam Island, there will be many people from bungalow resorts (but Nobody from Baan Suan Kayoo is over there), motorbike taxi come to surround you offering for their service. You can either take the motorbike taxi to either one of Baan Suan Kayoo or you can walk to the island to rent motorbike by yourself.

How to get here

By Air

By Air, you can buy the air ticket from many agents in Bangkok or you can reserve the seat by yourself thru the website or at Suvarnaphumi airport in the Domestic section. You can see more detail in website.

By Car

By Car, you can drive your own car from Bangkok using Petchakasem road to Chumporn and turn right to Ranong directly.

By Bus

If you would like to come by bus, you can buy the ticket at the Bus station for Sounthern part of Thailand in Bangkok. It is located in Pin-Gaow area. When you arrive to Ranong, you can take a mini bus (modified truck) from the bus station to the pier, which is located in Pak-Nam area near the police station.

By Train

By Train, you can catch the train from Hua Lampong to Chumporn and take the Van further from Chumporn to Ranong. The first van will be served from Chumporn at 0700hrs on daily basis.

and more...

  • The Transport Company Limited for Southern part of Thailand, please contact 02-435-1199
  • The main bus station at Ranong, please contact 077-811548
  • Choke Anan Tour, Bangkok office 02-894-6300-2, Ranong office 077-811-337
  • Mith Tour, Bangkok office. 02-281-6939, 02-894-6115, Ranong office 077-811-150, 077-811-410
  • Sombat Tour, Bangkok office 02-894-6050-1 Ranong office 077-826-435-6
If you come via Speed Boat or rent the normal Boat on a lumpsum basis, you can ask the driver to send you to Lahm-Rung or Aow Yai directly.
Once you arrive to the Payam Jetty, you'll have to rent a motorbike to Baan Suan Kayoo, which is located in the other side around 4-5 kilometers from the jetty.

Highly recommended Places in RANONG you should NOT MISS

Raksawarin Park and natural mineral water ponds

It is situated on Chol-ra-u road and this place is one of a must place to visit. The meaning of Raksawarin in Thai is " water that can cure the disease".

Suwan Khiri Wihan Temple

The temple was constructed in 1890 in the reign of King Rama the fifth. It is situated on Cha-Raem Racha road. The highlight is the very beautiful five marble principal Buddha images housed in the consecrated convocation hall.

Phu Khao Ya (Bald Mountain)

It is situated on Petchakasem road opposite to Ngao Waterfall National park.

Ngao Waterfall National Park

Here is the origin of the Princess crab (we call "Poo Chow Fa" in Thai). It is situated on Petchakasem road on the way to Pang-Nga approximately 13 kilometers away from Ranong.

The Lighthouse of Ranong City

You can see the panorama of the river mouth view of Ranong city. It is very beautiful and stunning.

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